Planning and Protecting Your Legacy

What is Legacy Planning?

Legacy planning is the art of structuring your wealth to build, preserve, protect and transfer it to the next generation in an efficient manner. It includes a multidimensional approach, analyzing and coordinating estate planning documents, retirement benefits, insurance policies, and business planning documents, all with attention to tax-optimization.

We work continually with families and their advisors to devise and implement comprehensive plans that match and adjust to each family’s distinct attributes. We understand that wealth is built, protected and transferred through a team effort. Therefore, we encourage each client to assemble a team of professionals who will collaboratively design and implement a plan that balances the current and future needs of the estate.

Our priority is to understand your long-term goals, family dynamics and current situation to develop a lifetime comprehensive wealth plan. The ongoing, dynamic planning process includes continual attention and adaptation to ensure that it remains responsive to changes in your current situation and future goals. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with our clients, spanning multiple generations. We work with you over the course of your lifetime, in collaboration with your other professional advisors to help you reach and maintain your goals, preserving your family heritage by leaving a lasting legacy.

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